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Will Cotton See the Light of Day?

Humidity and drizzle are drenching the quality of what could have been a record crop this year. Some fields are not seeing standing water; but they are muddy. And that is all you need to make cotton farmers unhappy.

It is hard enough to walk in many of the fields, let alone get a cotton stripper out to harvest the crop. So, cotton is just stranded out in the rain and that means it is just deteriorating. Many farmers will not be getting full price for their crop, and with already low prices they can only hope to break even.

Roger Haldenby with Plains Cotton Growers says farmers need three to four days of dry weather for all the moisture to dry up and to get their stripping machines out in the fields. From north Lubbock, farmers have only been able to strip about 20% of their cotton. He says farmers would normally like to finish harvest by Thanksgiving, but now it seems mid-December is the goal.

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