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Fatal accident prompts road concerns

LUBBOCK, TX. (KCBD) - Saturday, NewsChannel 11 learned of yet another death following Friday's fatal crash along Highway 84 northwest of Lubbock. Jean Green, 76, of Olton died at University Medical Center Saturday afternoon. Green was involved in the crash that killed five members of one family, including three young children.

Saturday, NewsChannel 11 spoke with County Commissioner Patti Jones about possible changes to the intersection that could improve safety. Friday's accident was not the first time emergency vehicles had to respond to the intersection at FM road 26-41 and CR 1700. This site has seen its fair share of traffic accidents.

Patti Jones told NewsChannel 11 said she hopes to see some changes made to that intersection. "You've got people that are coming out of Lubbock headed to the Clovis highway that come across here," she said. "You've got 2641 that's going to the airport, it's just getting to be a much more heavily traveled stretch of road than it used to be."

Friday 24-year-old Rita Gutierrez, 31-year-old Guadalupe Salinas, 8-year-old Fabian Sanchez, 10-year-old Xavier Sanchez, and 7-year-old Isaac Gutierrez were pronounced dead at the scene following the collision. Investigators say the five were headed east on FM 2641 when their sedan collided with an SUV headed north on CR 1700.

 "It's had its cases of a number of severe crashes." CPL. John Gonzalez of the Department of Public Safety said. "A lot of injured people as well as, unfortunately, the fatalities."

Patti Jones said the frequency of accidents at this site definitely makes it a candidate for some changes. "That is in a program that is offered to the county by TX DOT and it's called the Hazardous Elimination Safety Program. They allow us to identify two or three intersections in the county to get state assistance on," she said.

Since CR 1700 intersects with FM 2641, which is a state highway, the state has jurisdiction over the intersection and stop signs. Jones said she plans to talk to the Texas Department of Transportation Monday to begin making changes to the intersection.

"They have so many formulas on how to calculate these intersections as to what would be the best result there," she said. "Because you don't want to do something that's going to create more of a hazard than what you've got there now."

She said the process will not be easy because negotiations and planning must be well prepared in order to make changes, Jones encourages those who wish to see changes made to speak up.

"That would be my recommendation that anybody around here that wants to see something done on this, they're more than welcome to turn in any information to me, but it will have to be forwarded on to TX DOT because again they're the ones who have jurisdiction over this intersection," she said.

Jones continued to say that TX DOT has already responded to requests made about other Lubbock intersections.

If you have any concerns (Click Here) to e-mail Patti Jones.


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