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The Red Raiders' #1 Fan

Tailgater Bill Tidwell gets things cookin' for Red Raider fans. Tailgater Bill Tidwell gets things cookin' for Red Raider fans.

Some of the fans could argue that the action actually starts before the game outside the stadium. And Saturday's cold and wet weather didn't stop Tech fans from doing one of their favorite things, and that is tailgating. NewsChannel 11's Yvonne Nava found what, some people, would call a true fanatic.

The Red Raiders have lots of die hard fans and then theres Bill Tidwell. For the past 11 years, Bill has made it a point to attend every football game, "And we've never lost a tailgate party never, right Bob," says Red Raider fan, Bill Tidwell.

And who would want to miss a tailgating event, when you have somewhere to keep you cozy. It is big, it is red and most importantly it is warm. "We got propane heaters inside where everyone can get in and out of the weather and stay warm," says Tidwell.

"Bill takes care of us really well, he sets up this whole little gig for us," says friend, Joey Conley.

And at this hot spot, theres plenty of hospitality to go around. "Anyone from Tech fans, Baylor fans, and just passer-byers. A lot of police officers come by and have a little warm cider and some barbecue," says Tidwell.

But do not mistake his kindness, he still bleeds red and black. "We get together and we plan what the menus going to be, we're having bear meat today, and for the Texas game we'll be cooking bevo you know," he says.

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