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2009 Home and Garden Show going green

 LUBBOCK, TX. (KCBD) - This weekend, the West Texas Homebuilders' Association presented the 2009 annual Home and Garden Show. The show offered a variety of the usual appliances, but this year's theme provided a new option, going green.

Shoppers had three days to hunt for everything home and garden at the show, and this year's "green" theme was an added bonus for those wanting to save money and make environmentally friendly changes.

Following the election of President Obama, whose 2008 campaign promised an increase in "green collar" jobs, hybrid cars, and clean-energy investment, going green has become a household term. This year's Home and Garden Show was no exception.

"I like it. I like the idea," said Larue Weige, a home and garden shopper.

Larue Weige and her husband came to the event hoping to make some changes. "We were just interested in seeing about redoing a kitchen and bath," she said.

While shopping, they noticed a new feature to the annual show.  "I was just noticing the rain barrels that you have over here to catch water," Weige said. "I think that's a good idea since we're having such a water shortage."

Keith Larremore, the chairman of the event, says the going green theme has been slowly developing for the past three or fours years, but the downward turn of the economy has made 2009 a landmark year for making environmentally-friendly changes. "It's really caught on and there's a lot of government-based rebates now," he said.  "Everyone has become aware of the ecological impact of the green."

Larremore said "green" products have the same uses as other appliances, but are better suited for the environment. "From an energy conservation, we've got doors and windows that are insolated better, better products that have a better energy and heat cooling situation," Larremore said.

Larremore says green products provide an opportunity for every family to contribute. "It's a good way just for each household to do their small portion," he said.

The Home and Garden Show also included various landscaping and irrigation systems constructed for the sole purpose of conserving water. All of the show's eco-friendly options provided different uses but offered the same benefit. "They don't have the long-term damaging effects to the environment," Larremore said.

The Home and Garden Show wrapped up Sunday afternoon, but if you are looking for any more tips on going green, you can click here.

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