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Texas Tech is staying alert through severe weather season

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Those on Texas Tech's campus heard the blare of emergency sirens. "The sirens are meant to be a weather warning system only for people who are outdoors," said Sally Post with Texas Tech University.   

On Tuesday it was just a test, but as we inch towards severe weather season the university is glad sirens are in place, even if they aren't used that often. "I can't think of the last time they went off, it would only go off if there was a severe weather warning that looks like the campus would be directly affected," said Post.   

But for decades the Hub City has been without weather sirens. "Lubbock relies on other means to warn the citizens," said Lubbock Emergency Management Coordinator Lewis Treadwell. 

The city encourages residents to receive their severe weather warnings through the media and National Weather Service. "The city does put spotters out to look for tornados and if they spot anything they phone that into the emergency management office and we pass that on to the weather service and make sure those warnings are made," said Treadwell. 

Treadwell says it would cost four to five million dollars to put up weather sirens throughout the city, but he says there are more effective alert methods.

"Weather radios, we encourage people to get those almost everybody has a cell phone or Black Berry now days and you can subscribe and a lot of them are free at no cost that will supply those warnings to you if they are issued," said Treadwell.

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