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Consider This... Proof to Vote

Right now, state leaders are literally arguing over voter identification rules. At issue is a bill that would require voters to show identification at the polls.

The only thing needed now is a voter registration card - no picture id required.  This law would change that. A similar bill failed in Austin a couple of years ago. Now, how anyone could argue that identifying yourself as a real voter is a bad idea is beyond me. Detractors will say it discourages minority participation and I strongly disagree.

We're all required to show id when opening a checking account, buying things, cashing a check, drinking alcohol, even travelling; but not voting - and it's the most important duty we have as Americans.  

Consider this, as this debate continues in Austin, I encourage you to speak up. Personally, I'm disappointed that West Texas Representative Delwin Jones went against his party and voted against this two years ago. I hope he's had a change of heart.

Click here for contact information for our West Texas delegation.  Let them know how you feel about voter identification. Not only do I think proving who you are at the polls is a good idea, not mandating it is borderline negligent.  

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