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Shelters expect more people with colder weather

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - With below freezing temperatures on tap for the South Plains, area shelters say they're prepared to protect more people from the cold.  At the Salvation Army Shelter in Lubbock, workers wouldn't typically expect more people when the trees outside are blooming, but colder temperatures will most likely kill off these early signs of spring, and that cold has crews ready for more residents.

"Our numbers will go up," desk clerk Jammie Browning said.  For two and a half years, Browning has welcomed people into the Salvation Army Shelter in central Lubbock. He says lately, he's seen more faces coming through the door.  "With the economy and everything the way it is right now, our numbers are up from what they were two years ago as it is," Browning said. 

Browning says right now, the shelter averages between 10 and 15 people a night, but soon he thinks those numbers could double, and this time, it's not the economy's fault. "If it's going to turn off as cold as what they say it is our number will go up, maybe a half, might run 20 to 25 people a night," Browning said. 

The forecast is a dramatic change from the sunny skies and fragrant trees outside the shelter, but Browning says it doesn't matter to him. He'll still be there, to welcome in those who need a place to stay. "It's rewarding work, it's rewarding work," Browning said.  For those who may need a warm place to stay in the next few days, the shelter is at the corner of 17th Street and Avenue J.

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