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Breaking Down the Texas Governor's Race

For months, we've seen the negative ads and heard the mudslinging. Now, just one day before elections do voters really know what the issues are in this year's gubernatorial race. NewsChannel 11's Ashley Stacy hit the streets today to find out.

Of the people we talked to, it seems they are ready for the governor's race to be over, but many of them still aren't clear on what the candidates stand for.

"I don't know anything they stand for because of all the mudslinging."

"I didn't have any problem making my decision, my decision was made before they started pounding on each other."

"There's so much negative advertising its a competition for who can be the most negative I'm not real enthused with either of them right now."

Texas Tech Political Analyst Brian Collins says it's been a tough race to follow. "It's been a little bit difficult because the focus for both candidates has been on their records and their character which is appropriate but their hasn't been much emphasis on their issues," said Collins.

So we asked Collins to try to clear it up for us before election day. "I think both candidates are very much standard barriers for their parties. So both candidates are concerned with education, and insurance and health care. Where the differences begin to emerge is in the ways in which they address those issues," Collins said

Collins says both Rick Perry and Tony Sanchez plan to tackle the issues as their party's would. "I think Sanchez addresses them in traditionally democratic fashion using government programs and agencies to solve the programs and Governor Perry is interested in solving the same problems with republican ways like less regulation and allowing the market take care of it," Collins says.

Brian Collins expects many people will vote straight ticket in this election, since neither candidate has really stood out. He thinks the outcome will be party driven.

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