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United Supermarkets unveil new food labeling system

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - March is National Nutrition Month, so United Supermarkets is launching its new Nutrition Tag Program. 

In 13 United stores, consumers can look for color-coded tags on food items to help make healthy choices or follow dietary concerns. "It is a way that a person, if they need to reduce the fat in their diet, if they're trying to reduce sodium, or they're looking for leaner meats or lower fat dairy, if they've got any intolerances, like a gluten intolerance, or they just want lower sugar foods, organic foods- it's a way that they can quickly identify products off the shelf without having to stand there and study labels," said United Supermarkets' Corporate Registered Dietitian Dr. Tyra Carter, PhD.

Here is the list of tags you'll see at United and what they mean:

  • "GF" means the food is Gluten Free
  • "HHDM" signifies the food is a Heart Healthy food in line with Diabetes Management
  • "O" means Organic, indicating the food was produced with no pesticides or genetic engineering
  • "L" tells you that the product is Low Fat
  • "S" means it is Sugar free

United has set up a website to answer your questions about nutrition, just click here.

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