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What to Expect at the Booths

There are 60 places booths will be set up on election day. Lubbock County Clerk Doris Ruff says she is optimistic about the turnout because early voting numbers are up more than 6,000 people since the last gubernatorial race in 1998. She took us through the process that you will be going through when you hit the voting booths.

"The voting booth has instructions for casting your ballot. The polling place should be basically set up as they have seen it in the past. Each race has the oval next to the individuals name. We do have people that sometimes will make Xs or will make checks on the ballot rather than coloring in the oval. Should someone spoil their ballot, mismark it in some way, they may ask the presiding judge for another ballot. On the back side of the ballot are the issues. One being the constitutional amendment election. One being the proposal for the jail. Should an individual desire to vote straight party, they may do so by coloring in the oval next to the party of their preference."

If you want to know where you should be voting tomorrow, you can call the County Clerk Office at 775-1630, or (click here ).

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