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One doctor says recession is hitting men below the belt

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - In these hard economic times, you might not expect an increase at this doctor's office, but urologist Dr. Ross Cohen says that when the family budget is squeezed more couples appear to be looking at vasectomy as part of their financial planning. 

Dr. Cohen says, "Definitely within the last two or three years that's been more significant.  But even this year I'd say an even more significant number have come in for consultations."

Dr. Cohen says it's just an observation, but he believes that more and more men are choosing vasectomies these days as a form of permanent birth control if they believe they can't afford any more children. Dr. Cohen adds that the procedure is covered by insurance and, in most cases, is a less expensive option that the pill or other forms of birth control for the woman.

However, he cautions that couples should know that even though you hear stories about men who later get a vasectomy reversed, it is very expensive and there is no guarantee it will work.

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