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Pro- alcohol group running on economics

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Polls will open in just two months and you'll be able to decide, alcohol or no alcohol. One group supporting packaged sales in the Lubbock city limits went public today. It's not November but it is campaign season. Lubbock County Wins threw its name in the hat on the pro-alcohol side of this issue Wednesday. The group filed necessary paper work with the county and state about a month ago, and say they have the money and the man power to win. If it's going to happen they say now is the time.  

The sound of a truck unloading alcohol at Matthew Kendrick's Lubbock Fast Stop stores would be music to his ears. "From our business stand point it can be night and day having alcohol and not having it," says Matthew Kendrick. He's a committee member of Lubbock County Wins, a pro-alcohol group that's running on the bottom line. "You don't have to drink if we sell it. It has nothing to do with who is right and wrong. For us, it's from an economics standpoint. It's been legal in Texas for a long time now and we'd like to reap some of the benefits," says Kendrick.

John Hatch with Texas Petition Strategies says $100,000 to $150,000 will be spent on this campaign to educate voters. "These campaigns rarely fail on facts. They fail on rumor and innuendo," says Hatch. "We believe legal citizens should have legal right to purchase legal product," he adds. With seven convenience stores in the Amarillo area, Kendrick says he knows firsthand what alcohol sales can do for business. "We really want to see Lubbock wet. We don't have to move business to Midland or Amarillo," says Kendrick.   

We tried contacting the opposing committee, Truth About Alcohol Sales and haven't heard back. With the election just two months away this is just the beginning. Both sides will campaign until polls close on May 9th. NewsChannel 11 will continue to follow both sides of the campaign until you, the voter, decide the outcome.

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Lubbock County Liquor Sales Map
Liquor by the drink boundary and packaged liquor sales map for Lubbock County. (You will need Adobe Acrobat to open this file)


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