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Icy conditions expected to hit Lubbock

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Wednesday night, driving conditions were expected to take a bitterly cold turn for the worse. The forecast included freezing drizzle and sleet. NewsChannel 11 tracked the winter storm.   Drivers were advised to stay off the roads for when icy conditions hit late Wednesday night.

TXDOT began preparing early Wednesday afternoon to keep the roads safe because when the ice hits, the overpasses would be the most dangerous places to drive. The short taste of sunshine Lubbockites had been enjoying had ended, and TXDOT wanted everyone to be ready for freezing conditions.

"Our preference is always that if you don't have to be out on the roadways, the safest thing to do is stay home. But we realize people need to get out and get to work, get to doctor's appointments, and so we ask them to slow down, take their time, give our TXDOT trucks and their drivers the room they need to do their job to make streets as safe as possible," said Dianah Ascencio.

TXDOT monitored all state highways for icy conditions and the city began checking all other Lubbock streets to make sure they were safe for drivers.

"We continue as long as the conditions warrant. As long as there is freezing conditions and precipitation falling, then we will continue to be out on the streets patrolling," says Dianah Ascencio.

TXDOT will have trucks applying anti-icing agents on all overpasses and ramps if icy conditions hit. Drivers are encouraged to avoid these areas, but if they had to drive, they are encouraged to leave five minutes early.

Local schools told NewsChannel11 they would make a decision about delays by 6:00 a.m. As of Wednesday night, all schools were scheduled to start on time.

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