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Texas Coverage 11.4

A Dallas security guard remains behind bars, charged with the murder of a Dallas teen. 16 year-old Leshard Wilson was shot once in the head as he and two other teens ran out of a Family Dollar Store Saturday afternoon. Police arrested the store's security guard, 50 year-old Bennie Pointer, Jr., who said he suspected the teenager of shoplifting. Wilson was unarmed. His family says he had just made the honor roll, and had never been in trouble before.

Overnight in San Antonio, campaign officials for Democratic candidate for Governor Tony Sanchez say they discovered four campaign vans with tires slashed. A number of signs around town were also covered with ethnic slurs.

"It is a brazen attack on a Hispanic who is running for governor. The signs say things like we are not going to elect a 'wetback.' That is not just a political statement. That is going well over the edge and the Perry campaign is used to going over the edge," said Christian Archer, who is part of Sanchez's campaign.

Similar racial slurs were also found on Sanchez signs last week in Houston.

Several inches of rain fell on southeast Texas Sunday morning creating headaches for local residents. In Beaumont, several parking lots and roads quickly filled up with several inches of rain. No injuries were reported. Local officials say they expect more flooding later Monday night because the ground is already saturated.

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