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New ER at Covenant Medical Center

We hope you do not have to use it, but if you find yourself rushed by ambulance to Covenant Hospital, you are going to think you have been airlifted to another city. The hospital opened its newly remodeled emergency department for private tours.

"The new ER represents an increase in existing space. Over 40 beds are available for patients. The new rooms offer a great deal of privacy, visually and from an auditory standpoint that we've never had before," said Chuck Barton, M.D., Director of Covenant Emergency Department.

Privacy is a big advantage here. It features four triage rooms so you do not have to explain what hurts in earshot of others, and 43 individual exam rooms. Also, the new Covenant emergency department has six fully equipped trauma rooms. Every room has new equipment and monitors, and private access to medication and needles. It uses the new executone paging service which means everyone on staff wears a button with a sensor which allows the phone system to track their location in an instant.

Unlike the old ER where you could look around the corner to find anyone you need, this new high tech emergency department has grown from 8,000 to 24,000 square feet. Looking down the main hall, Dr. Chuck Barton is waving. He has just stepped in from the lobby and the triage rooms. And he is still at the end of a walkway which divides three sections of patient care: minor, serious, and acute emergencies rooms along a hallway that is 100 yards from end to end.

"This place is so big. It's as long as a football field so we'll be running back and forth here and there. The rooms are larger and all of them have doors, but they're all monitored at the nurses station so we know what's going on. It's gonna be great," Satish Patel, M.D., Co-Director Covenant Emergency Department said.

Covenant's new emergency room officially opens at 4:00 in the morning Wednesday, November 6th. Walk-ins will come in from the north at an entrance on 19th street. Ambulances will drive to the east side, near the old emergency area.

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