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Seminar gets Lubbock motivated

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD)- The nine hour motivational event was a success with thousands from all over the South Plains showing up to hear the inspirational message from some very well known people, and everybody had their favorite.

"I've always looked up to Robert Schuller, but having Rudy Giuliani here was a real treat," said Vernon Baker. 

"I really want to see Zig Ziglar," said Andrew Olguin.  

"I can't pick out one more than the other because they have all been good," said Gary Delay.

"I loved Rudy Giuliani, I think he had some awesome things to say," said Victoria Baker. 

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani was a definite crowd favorite on thursday at the get motivated seminar.

"I'm going to talk about leadership and leadership is a lot about motivating a sense of spirit," said Giuliani. 

The all day event was held at the United Spirit Arena where more than 7,000 people filled the stands.

Other favorites were Zig Ziglar, and Dr. Robert Schuller.

"If you don't get motivated, don't blame the speakers," said Schuller.   

Most speeches were focused on encouraging folks to be successful both financially and spiritually.

"I'm a pastor and God's been very much a part of the day and they've made no bones about that and I appreciate that very much," said Baker. 

"I'm really surprised about the different diversifications in all of the things especially about the finances. The finance part of it has been great but all of it has been motivational, it's been great it really has," said Delay.

The Get Motivated seminar has traveled worldwide for more than 25 years. Many we talked to didn't have a bad thing to say about the seminar and hope it returns again.

Get Motivated Seminar in Lubbock Thursday
Get Motivated is a motivational business event targeted at teaching attendees how to increase their productivity and income.

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