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Lubbock Marines come home from Iraq

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Bad weather or not, nothing was going to keep a group of Lubbock Marines from coming home from Iraq Thursday night.

It was a day of celebration in the Hub City. After spending the better part of a year in Iraq smiles were shared as six Marines with Company B 6th Motor Transport Battalion came home.

LCpl Pete Trevino and Johnny Haynes were the first Marines in their platoon to reach Lubbock after both serving their first tour in Iraq. "It's surreal," says Haynes. He said was very ready to see his family.

"It's like it's a dream, being in that spot. It's like your in a whole new world," says LCpl Trevino. He says he's been in constant communication with his family since landing in the states. "Nervous to see everyone, see what's new, what's changed," Trevino added. 

"It's a good day, they're all coming back with all 10 fingers and 10 toes and as soon as they touch down it's going to be a really good feelings," says 1st Sgt Aaron McDonald. They both agreed that the trip home was very long, but the last leg from the airport to the Drill Hall to see their families was the most exciting part of the trip. "We had a lot of people praying for him. I'm just happy he's home - he's home," says Trevino's mother.

Four more Marines landed around 8:45 Thursday night, Lance Corporals Price, Stanley, Gonzalez, and Ramirez. After seven months away, LCpl Trevino says he has big plans and made it back just in time. He and his wife, are expecting a baby girl, Avery, in May.

The rest of Company B is expected back sometime next week and NewsChannel 11 will be there to welcome them back too.  

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