Ford, GM, Toyota all object to Reagor-Dykes sale

Companies object to Reagor-Dykes sale

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - We should have more answers in the unfolding Reagor-Dykes bankruptcy case on Tuesday.

Representatives from the company will be in a Lubbock courtroom for the next two days to discuss a possible sale of their business.

However. Ford, GM and Toyota have all objected to the sale.

Each issued their own objection to the sale, stating that Reagor-Dykes does not get to decide who can be a dealership for those auto manufacturers.

Last week, attorneys for Reagor-Dykes announced that Kam-Kad Autos of Dallas was entering a “stalking-horse” bid ahead of any possible auction.

Now, the three manufacturers say only they can decide what companies get to sell their vehicles, and currently none of them has a relationship with Kam-Kad.

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