KliffNotes: Gearing up for No. 15 Oklahoma State

KliffNotes ahead of Oklahoma State

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - The Red Raiders locked the gates and defended the Jones , as they took down Houston 63-49 to close out non-conference play.

Where during the game, the Red Raiders finished strong and that was a positive for Coach Kingsbury.

“I think just finishing the game. When it was kind of going back and forth, we found a way to make some plays at the end to finish the plays both offensively and defensively. That's what we're looking for when you're in those close games, dogfights, in the fourth quarter: how do you finish. That was a positive we took from it.”

So up next for the Red Raiders – they start the gauntlet that is the Big 12 Conference.

Where they will face Oklahoma State – a program that ranks second in the Big 12 for total defense, second in total offense and has the leading rusher in the Big 12 with Justice Hill.

“He's as good as anybody in the country, I think, as far as a total back. Can catch the ball, finish runs, fast. Has gotten better and better as we've seen him. Yeah, he's going to be as good of a back as we'll play all year.”

Coming into the contest, Texas Tech has not beat Oklahoma State in the past nine years and have beaten them in Stillwater since 2001. So, what makes playing there so difficult for the Red Raiders?

“Yeah, I mean, they’re a very good program. It’s obviously a tough place to play. I think you ask anybody in the conference, those fans are right on top of you, have a great fan base, a great program. Coach Gundy has built a powerhouse. They have great players, recruit at a high level, great facilities. It’s a combination of things. But that’s the only answer I have. They beat a lot of people there.”

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