Bowman’s college career path similar to high school

He was thrust into the spotlight then, and again now

Bowman’s college career path similar to high school
(Source: KXAS (grapevine photos))

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) -Red Raider Freshman quarterback Alan Bowman opened a lot of eyes Saturday throwing for a Big 12 Freshman record 605 yards in a win over Houston.

However, his former coach and teammates at Grapevine High School expected it. Grapevine head coach Mike Alexander felt Bowman would shine at Texas Tech.

Alan Bowman putting up big numbers for the Red Raiders

“He early enrolled so that helped. He was on campus in January of last year. I felt like given the opportunity. Alan has a ton of arm talent. When Texas Tech came through, it was an obvious fit. Our offenses are very similar," Alexander said. "When Alan got on campus he let me know about 80 percent of the playbook was same terminology. He already knew how to run that offense. It’s been a great fit for him. Hats off to Coach Kingsbury and that staff for recruiting the right guy and credit to Alan for being ready.

Alexander knew Bowman was special. He realized that when he initially came to Grapevine as the Defensive Coordinator.

“I felt like as soon as I got here that Alan was phenomenal. I’ve been doing this about 21 years now and it’s easy to tell when you got a special quarterback in your locker room. We had one in him,” Alexander said.

The Red Raider freshman has made the most of his opportunity at Texas Tech since McLane Carter went down with an injury. Coach Alexander says, Bowman took a similar path at Grapevine, when he was a Freshman.

“There was an injury at quarterback game one. Alan was playing Freshman football. Two weeks later they went through a couple quarterbacks trying to see who gave our team the best chance to win and Alan was the guy," Alexander said. "He got the call so he went straight from playing a Freshman football game to being the varsity quarterback.”

Grapevine Wide Receiver David Clayton was catching passes thrown by Bowman a year ago so he says it’s amazing seeing him now leading the Red Raiders.

“I’ll flip on the channel and I’m watching the quarterback that I played with and caught balls from play on tv," Clayton said. "I’m like I just played with that man last year. Now he’s a Freshman at Tech breaking records already. It’s lovely. I’m so happy for him.”

As a Freshman Bowman isn’t allowed to take to the media so KCBD NewsChannel 11 does not now how’s he’s feeling, but judging from text responses to Coach Alexander, he’s humble, grounded and focused.

“I would say he has the right mindset," Alexander said. "In that first game, I think the text went something like I’m so proud of you and his text back was something to the effect of Just trying to take care of the football coach. Trying to do my part, keep the ball moving forward.”

Bowman has done just that taking care of the football and he hasn’t thrown an interception or turned the ball over through three games. Saturday he takes on No. 15 Oklahoma State in Stillwater. The Cowboys have beat Texas Tech nine straight times and seven straight at home dating back to 2003.

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