Fall Weather Is Knocking!

Fall Weather Is Knocking!
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LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - While this morning began much as every other day this week so far, the significant weather changes I’ve been talking about are on the way. Tropical moisture from the southwest is already beginning to add to our already humid atmosphere and a cold front to the north is sliding our way. These features plus additional lift, from the remnants of Tropical Depression 19-E and a trough deepening to our west, will fuel widespread rain over the next 12 to 36 hours.

Scattered storms will move into the western KCBD viewing area this afternoon. Storms and showers will continue gradually spreading from west to east this evening. Rain coverage and intensity will increase, with locally heavy rainfall, tonight. Please WATCH FOR POSSIBLE FLOODING, especially at night when the darkness may make seeing flood water difficult.

With the arrival of the cold front Friday morning rainfall may pick up, and with some heavy rainfall likely there may be localized flooding. Please continue to watch for our forecast updates, watch for advisories, watches, and warnings which may be issued, and watch for possible flooding.

Lift from the tropical remnants and trough previously mentioned are expected to renew the rain chance Friday afternoon and possibly Friday evening. Additional heavy or even moderate rainfall may cause additional flooding.

Rainfall totals continue to look robust, with widespread rainfall of around a half-inch likely and isolated amounts of several inches possible. Current data continues to favor the eastern viewing area for the greatest rain totals but does not rule it out elsewhere. I’ve included in the accompanying video the latest runs of both the “American” and “Euro” computer forecast models showing the when, where, and how much to give you a better idea of what to expect.

Rain is expected to taper off from northwest to southeast Friday night, with significant rainfall ending by sunrise Saturday.

Those traveling to Saturday's Tech game should be prepared for locally heavy rain and possible flooding Friday through Saturday morning between here and Stillwater OK. A Flood Watch is already posted from the eastern edge of the KCBD viewing area to OSU from Friday morning through Saturday morning. For more on Game Day weather set the location to Stillwater OK in either our Weather App or on our Weather Page. If you set your location (under Settings) in the app to "Follow Me" the app will automatically change locations as you do and will alert you to any warnings for the area you are in - as long as you have notifications turned on (in the app).

With the rain and the air following the cold front, temperatures will take on a decidedly Fall feel. Just in time for the official beginning of Fall as the Autumnal Equinox is at 8:54 pm CDT Saturday. Highs will be in the 70s Friday through Sunday and lows in the 50s Saturday into Monday morning. Our northern viewing area communities, especially in the northwest, may have days with highs only in the 60s with lows dipping into the 40s.

As I noted yesterday, for some folks the drop in temperature will be enough for a jacket, sweat jacket or sweater. To those going to local games, or the game in Oklahoma, I recommend you take a jacket and I remind you it may be raining.

Keep an eye on the next front, which I mentioned in yesterday’s email, and associated weather now on track to arrive late Tuesday or early Wednesday with our online Weather Page and our free Weather App:

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