Lubbock dog in wheelchair wins worldwide pet calendar contest

Lubbock dog in wheelchair wins worldwide pet calendar contest
Kardi’s winning calendar contest photo (Source: Walkin’ Pets by

AMHERST, NH (News Release) - Kardi, a special needs French Bulldog from Lubbock is one of 13 winners in a worldwide 2019 calendar contest featuring dogs in wheelchairs.

Walkin’ Pets by, an e-commerce pet product company, hosts the annual calendar contest to help spread awareness of how disabled dogs can live active, happy lives.

Kardi was voted into the calendar by popular vote on the company’s Facebook page out of a pool of 240 entries from 26 countries around the world. Kelsey Glen, a veterinary technician, rescued Kardi from a puppy mill when she was two years old. Two years later, Kardi became paralyzed from IVDD. The Animal Medical Center in Amarillo where Glen worked put together a secret collection to buy Kardi a Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair; she’s been on a roll ever since!

Kardi and Bonnie Rose (Source: Walkin’ Pets by
Kardi and Bonnie Rose (Source: Walkin’ Pets by (Source: Walkin’ Pets by

When Kardi first became paralyzed, Glen was living with her sister Kadie; the two of them figured out how to express Kardi’s bladder and deal with her mobility challenges. Now Glen is living on her own with Kardi and another special needs rescue, a Boston Terrier named Bonnie Rose. Glen has also found the time to help Kardi become a certified therapy dog. They visit schools and nursing homes, where Glen reports that Kardi is especially good with the Alzheimer’s patients.

“She is just the sweetest, most laid-back little dog,” says Glen. “Kardi surprises me every day. She doesn’t let her disability define her; she gets up every day and lives life to the fullest!”

Walkin’ Pets 2019 Calendar pre-order information can be found here: All profits from sale of the calendar go to the Handicapped Pets Foundation which donates wheelchairs to pets in need.

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