Beyond the Friday Night Lights: Featuring the Whitharral Panthers

Beyond the Friday Night Lights Whitharral Panthers

WHITHARRAL, TX (KCBD) - “We got State championships in 1981 and 2001,” Whitharral Head Football Coach Austin Flores said. “So, there is a lot of expectations here. I think that these younger guys along with these older guys, they kind of see it now. They’re starting to believe, okay this is what it feels like, this is what it’s supposed to be like.”

For the first time since 2003, the tradition-rich town of Whitharral has started the season 4-0 and without a doubt, they have earned every win.

“Being a football school, you know, everybody is excited,” Whitharral Panther Koby Gonzales said. “It’s different than what it has been in the past and you can really tell the difference.”

Last season the Panthers started the year 0-6, but since then, they have won nine of 11 games, including, a huge 70 to 38 win over Motley County last year in the playoffs, where they were came into the contest as an 80-point underdog.

“We believed in the kids, and I think a win like that helped them get some belief in themselves,” Flores said. “About 80 points and we had a chance to 45-them, but just to get a win like that is huge. But the way we did it, gave us a lot of confidence.”

That confidence carried over into the spring and summer workouts, and now it’s showing up on the field.

Currently, they are having the best start to the season since 2003, and if they win this Friday, coach Flores and the Panthers will be off to one of the best starts to a season - since winning the state title.

“We have Southland this week,” Austin Flores said. “Coach Archer has done a well in his first two years there. They have a tough schedule, I mean they played spur last week and they have played some really hard games. By no means, we aren’t going to look down or take it easy. We are taking it a week at a time and I think that is the most important thing.”

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