Doctors providing flu shots for doctors

Healthwise: Dr. Richard Lampe on the need for the flu vaccine

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Our newest doctors at the Texas Tech School of Medicine are practicing what they preach, organizing a clinic this week for them to give each other flu shots. Dr. Richard Lampe was there to roll up his sleeve too. As chairman of Pediatrics, he says we can’t afford another year like last year when 80 thousand people died of complications from the flu including a surprising number of healthy children.

He says if you didn't get the flu last year, you just dodged the bullet. “There are very few things that are 100% in medicine and 100% of medicine says we will get influenza every year.” And he says, tragically, historically that illness brings deaths.

Women should not avoid the flu vaccine just because they are pregnant. He says that is when the shot is most important because it is essentially protecting two people. “It's a killed vaccine and those antibodies will be transferred over to the baby. We can't give the influenza vaccine until 6 months of age. So this is the best way to protect the baby until 6 months of age. The other way is to give the vaccine to the mother, father, grandparents and everybody who will be around that incoming baby.”

Dr. Lampe says for the first time in several years, the flu vaccine is available in a nasal spray, but the flu shot is still preferred as a better option in fighting several strains of the virus. Also, if you've ever heard someone say ‘the flu shot gave them the flu’, Dr. Lampe says that's impossible.

He explains why in the attached video.

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