Consider This: Honoring the memory of Texas Tech Officer Floyd East Jr.

Consider This: honoring the memory of Texas Tech Officer Floyd East Jr.

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - One year ago Texas Tech University Police Officer Floyd East, Jr. was killed by a student he had taken into custody.

The expressions of grief and concern for Officer East and his family reminded us all of what a special place Texas Tech is.

But there was a darker reminder that night. It is the reminder that on any given day, a peace officer may not live to finish his shift.

The women and men who serve as police, deputies, troopers and rangers know this all too well. And so do their families.

Officer Floyd East, like too many who have gone before him, sacrificed his life in the service of what he loved to do, and for the safety and well-being of others.

Consider this … I ask you to join me in honoring the service and sacrifice of Officer Floyd East.

And we honor all of those who serve in law enforcement every day.

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