Red Raiders ready for Thursday night game at TCU

Red Raiders ready for Thursday night game at TCU
The Texas Tech Red Raiders beat the Lamar Cardinals 77-0 on Saturday, Sept. 8. (Source: Devin Ward)

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - The last time the Red Raiders went to Fort Worth, they left with a 27-24 double overtime win over TCU. Texas Tech will look to do it again Thursday Night when they visit the Horned Frogs at 6:30pm. Both teams haven’t announced their starting quarterbacks with injuries leaving things in limbo.

For Red Raider Travis Bruffy, he knows they need to showcase their skills with the nation watching Thursday night. “I know it’s going to be an awesome game. It being on live tv is way more important than the night it’s played on. I want everyone to see what we are capable of all around the nation.”

Both teams are coming off a bye week so what’s the difference playing on a Thursday. Red Raider Adrian Frye says not much. “Besides having school. I feel we treat it like a Saturday night like we did at Oklahoma State. Once we lock in and get on that field, it’s all about the game.”

The Red Raiders have had slow first quarter starts in their two losses and have made their move in the second half so TCU Head Coach Gary Patterson says his team needs to jump out early and be prepare for new plays from Kliff Kingsbury that he made during the bye week. “We have to handle the knockout punches of the new plays. When Kliff gets this much time, we have to get ready to handle the first 25. We have to get ready to slow them down.”

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