Bishop: Dallas diocese reviewing hundreds of priest files

Bishop: Dallas diocese reviewing hundreds of priest files
Edward Burn, bishop of Dallas diocese. (Source: Diocese of Dallas)

DALLAS (AP) — Bishop Edward Burns says the Catholic Diocese of Dallas has hired a team of former state and federal law enforcement officers to review the personnel files of hundreds of priests now serving in the diocese.

Burns said during an announcement Tuesday that the investigation began in February and is meant to ensure a safe environment for parishioners. The team will investigate any accusation against a priest, not just ones relating to sexual abuse of minors.

A diocese spokeswoman told The Dallas Morning News the review will focus on the 220 priests active in the diocese, but could be expanded to include those who previously served.

The investigation comes after Burns in August revealed a former pastor, Edmundo Paredes, was accused of abusing three boys more than a decade ago.

Paredes has not been heard from since about March.