PLAY BY PLAY: Tech wins 17-14 against TCU

PLAY BY PLAY: Tech wins 17-14 against TCU
Texas Tech vs. TCU (Source: Devin Ward, KCBD)

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - For the third conference game of the season, the Red Raiders put up a fight but were still short on the scoreboard. Forced turnovers, though, have been Tech’s best friend.

Coming off a bye week, the team is faced a touch defense and a question on who the starting quarterback will be. Jett Duffey started the game, though Allen Bowman was suited up.

TCU started off the game, but Tech was quick to force a punt, giving the Red Raiders an early advantage. But coming up the field was a little slow as Duffey took the captain’s spot and began the game as the quarterback.

Tech managed to make it into the red zone but couldn’t make it far enough, kicking in three points to get a lead with more than 6 minutes left.

After TCU managed a trip down to the field, the team thought it had a chance to get ahead. Throwing a pass into the end zone, Tech’s Jordyn Brooks managed a surprise pick, intercepting the ball, getting it down on the Red Raider’s 3-yard line.

With the second quarter beginning Tech had possession of the ball, but after a few plays was forced to punt. TCU, again, made its way into the end zone and made a successful pass to get the lead, 7-3, with 12 minutes left.

Forcing a fumble, Dakota Allen was able to knock the ball out of TCU’s hand and Tony Jones made a successful recovery with around 5 minutes left in the quarter.

Throwing an interception, Duffey was saved by two penalties on both teams. However, that was not enough to keep Tech’s possession of the ball, giving TCU the ball with 2 minutes left before the half.

That still wasn’t enough for TCU, as they were forced to punt the ball again. With lots of pressure on Duffey while he was in TCU’s end zone, he threw a pass that was intercepted by TCU.

Unable to move from where they were, TCU tried for a field goal -- unsuccessfully, ending the half.

After the half, there was a few back and forths, with no team getting any sort of advantage. That was until Duffey was able to find a wide-open Ja’Deion High for a 62-yard touchdown. Tech took the advantage in the third quarter, 10-7.

That ended the third quarter, and there was hardly any notable action in the game until early in the fourth when TCU threw in a 31-yard touchdown to gain the lead again, 14-10.

Tech answered back quickly, with Duffey throwing a deep on to Antoine Wesley, who made the 57-yard catch, putting the Red Raiders 11 yards from a touchdown. That didn’t work, though, and the ball again made a back-and-forth between the two teams.

With a little more than 7 minutes left, Duffey was able to run in a 38-yard touchdown. And that was all she wrote, Tech wins 17-14.

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