Cold and rainy weather taking toll on cotton crop

Cold and rainy weather taking toll on cotton crop

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Farmers usually pray for rain, but many South Plains cotton farmers are hoping for dry weather since cotton harvest is right around the corner.

There are over 300 million acres of cotton here on the South Plains, but with the recent storms and cold weather, it has raised some concerns for this season’s crop.

One farmer is taking extreme precautions to make sure his cotton makes it even if mother nature isn’t cooperating. “It’s like if you took a pair of brand new socks and you wet them real good under the faucet and threw them in a dark corner. In three or four days, they’re not going to smell real good. But, if you took those same socks and hung them on the clothesline and it was sunny, they’re going to be fine. Well, the same thing happens in the field," said cotton farmer Walt Hagood.

According to Hagood, this cotton season has been pretty rough overall. “There was a lot of issues across the plains as far as people getting their crops timely in this past Spring. When that didn’t happen, it pushed everyone back so now we are in a situation where we need a good fall."

While even more cold weather is predicted later in the week, Hagood said he needs to take extreme precautions. “It’s time to pull the trigger and take this crop to maturity. We can do that chemically so vie ordered an airplane to come to put a bowl opener on this tomorrow in preparation for next week’s cool weather. It’s just going to start the process.”

He just hopes it’s enough since he plans to harvest his cotton in only a couple of weeks. “We don’t ever want to say we don’t want rain, but the timeliness of the rain is important.”

“You’d like to see this clear out and the sun to come out because that’s what we need to have. We need to dry the ground out because even though you have cotton ready to harvest you cannot harvest it in this wet weather,” he added.

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