Coronado High School band director semifinalist for Grammy award

Coronado band director Grammy semifinalist

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - The definition of humble is having a modest estimate of one’s own importance.

If there is anyone in Lubbock who could have ‘humble’ attached to his name, it would be Coronado High School band director Joshua Shaw.

Shaw is, for the second year in a row, one of just a handful of music educators nationwide up for a Grammy award for his work. And this year, he’s down to just one of 25 who could win the Grammy Music Educator award.

That’s impressive company, but Shaw takes it all in stride. “The Grammy is the music award of music awards, but just to be in the top 25 is such a blessing.”

“Everything we do is for these kids,” he said of Wednesday’s news he had become a semifinalist for the award. “Seeing the kids be successful is the greatest reward.”

When he told students about his nomination last year, Shaw told his students they were up for a national award, not “Hey, I’m up for a Grammy!”

Shaw, who decided to become a music teacher after his own high school band director convinced him to change his major from physical therapy, said knowing he made an impact on students has been rewarding.

And speaking of rewards, he says the nomination is enough. “It’s a hug from the good Lord and a hug from our alumni.”

Shaw will find out in December if he will make the final 10. After that, he could be heading to the Grammy stage in February in New York.

When asked if he had a speech prepared, he smiled and laughed and answered as expected. “No sir, right now I’m just going to take it one day at a time and walk in the blessings God’s got for us and take care of our kids out here.”

Best of luck to Mr. Shaw.

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