American Cancer Society awards $5,000 to UMC for transportation help

American Cancer Society awards $5,000 to UMC for transportation help
University Medical Center (Source: UMC, Facebook)

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) -The American Cancer Society has awarded the University Medical Center Foundation the Community Transportation Grant worth $5,000 to help in patient transportation.

This money will go toward helping patients of UMC’s Southwest Cancer Center who have to travel up to 350 miles for treatment, according to a UMC news release. Funds from the grant will go to fuel vouchers, transportation vouchers and bus passes.

The hospital was able to assist 104 patients in 2016 and 93 in 2017, and officials hope to aid an additional 40 patients with the grant.

“A cancer diagnosis is a huge load to carry,” Betty Hitch, Patient Navigation Manager in the UMC Southwest Cancer Center, said in the release. “To worry whether or not you can make it to treatments on top of that is a burden no one should carry. What I appreciate about the American Cancer Society is that they have always been in-tune to that need. Taking this on as a project, in terms of raising funds and creating a grant, speaks to their priority of caring for the whole person. It is such a gift to have these kinds of funds available.”

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