PLAY BY PLAY: Tech wins against Kansas, 48-16

Jets flyover during Kansas vs. Texas Tech pregame

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - An unusually strong Texas Tech defense and a weak passing game from Kansas set up a good formula for the Red Raiders to hold a healthy lead against the Jayhawks.

The Red Raiders came into the contest favored to win and have been mostly successful when it comes to home games. Alan Bowman started the game off as the quarterback, starting for the first time since his collapsed lung injury while playing against West Virginia.

The Red Raiders played a bit of a one step forward, two steps back game, as offensive flags stunted the teams progress down the field. With 10:32 left in the game Tech was forced to try a 48-yard field goal with Clayton Hatfield, who was successful, giving the Red Raiders the first lead of the game.

And with the first possession of the game, Kansas had trouble with the pass game while trying to ward off Tech’s defense. The Red Raiders finally forced a punt, giving possession back to Tech.

Kansas again gained possession of the ball, but was forced to punt, giving Tech possession of the ball very close to Tech’s own end zone. While making its way back down the field, though, Bowman’s pass to Zach Austin was stripped and recovered by Kansas at the Red Raiders 2-yard line.

As close as they were the Jayhawks couldn’t make it into the end zone, and tried for a field goal, which tied the game 3-3.

Tech answered back early in the second quarter as Tre King was able to run in a 18-yard touchdown run, giving Tech the lead against, 10-3, with almost 15 minutes left in the half.

Making its way down the field again, the Jayhawks were close to its first touchdown of the game. A pass to Kansas' Pooka Williams was fumbled, though, very close to the end zone.

Tech’s Dakota Allen was able to make a recovery, but was initially put under review by game officials. The ruling on the field stood, however, and Tech had possession once again. But the Red Raider quickly went through three down, and were forced to punt again, putting Kansas back at its own 43-yard line.

Another back-and-forth came and went as Tech once again gained possession of the ball after forcing a Kansas punt. Making the way down the field, Bowman helped in furthering the lead after throwing a successful 13-yard touchdown pass to T.J. Vasher, giving Tech 17.

But the Red Raiders didn’t give up there, gaining ball possession again, Bowman was able to make a successful pass to King who ran it in for another touchdown with a minute and a half left in the quarter.

With less than 25 seconds left in the game, Kansas was able to intercept the ball after a bad pass from Bowman. Nine seconds remained in the game and Kansas was at Tech’s 41-yard line.

Back from the half the Red Raiders were forced to punt the ball with around 8:47 left in the game, bringing up the lead to 27-3 against the Jayhawks.

Late in the third Kansas was able to make its first touchdown of the game. But an attempt for a two-point conversion was no good and the Jayhawks were left at 9 points.

Early in the fourth the Red Raiders were quick to respond to Kansas' after Antoine Wesley was able to run in another touchdown. That brought Tech up to 34.

Bowman was able to, once again, lead the team down the field and a successful pass to Seth Collins put Tech at 41, against Kansas' 9. Coach Kliff Kingsbury decided a quarterback change was in order at this point and in went Jett Duffey, the third stringer.

With almost 4 minutes left in the game, Tech pounced on yet another opportunity as Demarcus Felton was able to run in a another touchdown, bringing the score up to 48-9.

One last-ditch attempt for a touchdown for the Jayhawks was successful, bring the score to 48-16. But that was the last score of the game, giving the Red Raiders one more victory for the record books.

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