Commissioner Patti Jones responds to questions on land for expo center

Commissioner Patti Jones responds to questions on land for expo center

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - A Lubbock County Commissioner’s land is raising some concerns about a site that could become home for the new Lubbock County Expo Center.

Commissioner Patti Jones owns three pieces of land behind the proposed site. One bought in 1995, another in 2009, and the last in 2015.

Jones says the County Commissioner’s Court had no idea where the proposed expo center could be housed when they approved it. She also claims her land has been on the market for over two years, long before the expo center had even come into question.

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Tim Collins, who is a part of the Expo Center steering committee agrees that they had no intentions on putting the building near Jones' land. In fact, Collins says there were actually five different locations in consideration. One in Wolfforth, a location near north I-27, a location provided by the county, and a location provided by the city.

In the end, the location of 100 acres along the North Loop 289 near University Avenue was selected due to its location near the loop, and its size.

“Its just a circumstance. I believe that there’s enough vacant land in a likely and high quality location that would accommodate this expo center and it was just a coincidence that [Commissioner Jones’] property a joined it,” Collins said.

Collins says if the Expo Center is voted on, the property values might actually go down.“There is going to be a lot of activity there. There’s going to be a lot of nighttime and all weekend long kind of activity and that’s going to be detrimental to residential development,”

Artist rendering of proposed Lubbock County Exposition Center
Artist rendering of proposed Lubbock County Exposition Center

Jones says the commissioners voted for the center to be put on the ballot because they thought it would be beneficial to Lubbock County. “I have nothing to do with it. The only thing I had to do with it is when it was brought to Commissioners Court, the presentation that one time, the second time when they came, and when we made the vote unanimously and put it on the ballot for November 6 to let the voters decide. that’s been the extent of my involvement.”

Read Jones’ full statement:

“I am Patti Jones, Lubbock County Commissioner, Precinct Four; a lifelong resident of Lubbock a land owner, and taxpayer like most of you. I am here today to clear up the many misconceptions, innuendos and suppositions concerning my involvement in the choice of the location of the proposed Lubbock County Expo Center. On August 13th a group of community leaders, led by Randy Jordan, came to Commissioners Court requesting us to place the HOT tax/rental car tax regarding a venue project on the ballot for November 6th, 2018. On August 20th the court unanimously voted to place the request on the ballot for the voters to decide. It is at that point my involvement stopped. The steering committee, again led by Randy Jordan, then began the process of determining the needs, budget, endowment, schematics, and location, etc. I had nothing to do with the selection of the proposed sight. For me and my family members to be accused of “padding our own pockets” is offensive to our agricultural heritage, legacy, and everything we believe in and have worked so hard for. My son Casey and I are 4th and 5th generation farmers.

Two of the parcels of land in question were bought in 1995 and 2009 with blood sweat and tears by Steve and me. The last parcels were purchased in 2015 with family members and from the proceeds of the life insurance from Steve’s farm accident. All of the parcels have been listed with realtors for over two years.

People are going to think what they will. I was raised to respect one another, not be judgmental, and most of all to live by the Golden Rule. I have always tried to serve with humility, dignity, integrity, and by the Grace of God.”

The proposed Lubbock County Expo Center is under Proposition A on the ballot.

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