Consider This: Unfinished work at ME’s office

Consider This: Unfinished work at ME's office

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Last week the questions asked by the KCBD investigates team prompted Lubbock County Commissioners to call an immediate news conference to tell you what commissioners had already discovered but withheld from the public: there is a 427 case backlog of unfinished autopsy reports at the Medical Examiner’s office going back as far as four years.

This is unfinished work left by Dr. Sridhar Natarajan.

KCBD has been asking questions for years about the county’s arrangement with Dr. Natarajan who, with a salary of almost a half million dollars a year, was the highest paid coroner in the nation. County commissioners repeatedly assured us we were getting the best money could buy.

Yesterday we learned that in addition to the fortune we’ve already paid Natarajan, commissioners just signed a contract with the new coroner to pay $640,000 to clean up the backlog.

And the only reason you know about any of this is because KCBD’s Investigates team brought it to light.

Consider This … it’s time to hold the Lubbock County Commissioners responsible for the waste of money and the emotional pain and anguish created by the Medical Examiner’s office.

The commissioners have failed to recognize the Medical Examiner’s responsibility to serve all of the citizens of Lubbock County, not just the District Attorney.

They were responsible for supervising Natarajan. This happened on their watch.

How fat is their budget when they don’t miss $640,000 to clean up commissioner mistakes?

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