Texas Medical Board suspends Lubbock physician

Texas Medical Board suspends Lubbock physician
(Source: Krueger, Nick)

LUBBOCK, TX (NEWS RELEASE) - The Texas Medical Board temporarily suspended a Lubbock physician, without notice, on Friday, Oct. 26.

The Texas medical license of Brianne Nicole Williams, M.D. (Lic. No. M8428) was suspended after determining her continuation in the practice of medicine poses a continuing threat to public welfare.

The suspension was effective immediately.

The Board panel found that Dr. Williams suffers from impairment due to use of drugs, narcotics, chemicals, or other substances, or as a result of any mental or physical condition. Dr. Williams was previously terminated from her position in 2012 with her employer for substance use issues and was terminated from the Texas Physician Health Program due to repeated non-compliance. In April 2015, her suspension was lifted after she complied with orders from the Texas Medical Board.

A temporary suspension hearing with notice will be held as soon as practicable with 10 days' notice to Dr. Williams, unless the hearing is specifically waived by Dr. Williams. The temporary suspension remains in place until the Board takes further action.

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