Wild hog shows up at Brownfield High School Friday morning

Wild hog shows up at Brownfield High School Friday morning
Wild hog that had to be put down outside Brownfield High School Friday morning. (Photo courtesy Chris Smith/Brownfield ISD)

BROWNFIELD, TX (KCBD) - Chris Smith has been on the job as Superintendent of Brownfield ISD for a little more than 6 months. He has witnessed a lot of things in his 21-years as an educator, but Friday’s spotting of a wild hog on his high school’s campus was a first.

“It was a once in a lifetime event, for sure,” Smith said of the wild, or feral, hog that showed up in the middle of the city.

Smith knows a thing or two about wild hogs, having been raised in the ‘Wild Hog Capital of the World’ in the town of Crowell. “I grew up around hogs, I’ve seen the destruction they can do.”

That destruction is why school officials called police when they spotted the animal this morning. According to Texas Parks and Wildlife, the animals may seem small, but they average about 150-200 pounds and have been known to damage all sorts of property.

They also generally only show up at night, and even though there are about 1.5 million wild hogs in the state, Brownfield is a little further west than where they are generally spotted. “Maybe it’s the weather," Smith guessed as to why one showed up during the day in the middle of the Terry County town. “It’s not like we’re that small of a place.”

As for the hog, it took a combination of Brownfield Police, the school district and Parks & Wildlife game wardens to try and capture the animal. Once efforts to wrangle the hog proved unsuccessful, and as lunch release for the high school loomed, they decided to shoot it. “We were acting out of student safety,” Smith said, noting most students were likely unaware what was going on. He did add he was grateful the animal wasn’t at either of the district’s elementary schools.

As for the impact it had on Smith, he repeatedly mentioned Friday’s incident was ‘strange’ or ‘unique’ - and wasn’t the handiwork of Friday night’s football rival. “No, they’re the Mustangs from Denver City,” he laughed.

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Posted by Brownfield ISD on Friday, October 26, 2018

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