Lubbock County Elections using mobile locations for voting

Lubbock County Elections using mobile locations for voting

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - The Lubbock County Elections Office is making it easier for voters to get to the polls this year by setting up mobile voting locations throughout Lubbock.

“Mobile voting has been going on since before this office came into effect. As far as going out to the local clubhouses for a day, or to the nursing homes, those have been going on for probably 25 years,” explained Lubbock County Elections Administrator Dorothy Kennedy.

More than thirty mobile voting locations will be offered during early voting this year at local hospitals, senior living centers, and administration buildings. 21 of those temporary voting locations will be on Lubbock Independent School District campuses.

Nancy Sharp, the Executive Director of Communications and Community Relations for Lubbock ISD, says they regularly contract the county to conduct their elections. “Anytime there’s a general, regular election we will provide a location for the elections office at schools because it just makes sense to be able to have voting locations in neighborhoods that are dispersed throughout the community and the schools provide that option,”

As of October 29 there were 47, 237 votes cast at mobile voting locations in Lubbock, 874 of those were cast at an Lubbock ISD location.

With a proposed $130 million bond on this year’s ballot, Sharp hopes many of the voters that come to one of their locations understand they are not just voting in a Lubbock ISD election.

“All of our voting locations are vote centers and about a little more than twenty-five percent of the people who vote in our schools are really not even eligible to vote in Lubbock ISD elections, they’re voting in another Lubbock County election,” said Sharp, who added that in recent years the number of mobile voting locations at LISD schools has significantly decreased.

In 2004 there were 51 temporary voting locations on LISD campuses, and in 2010 there were only 28. “Many times we provide locations for elections when there’s nothing related to the school district on the ballot,” said Sharp.

Mobile voting will continue at select locations until Friday, November 4.

To view a complete list of the dates, times, and locations click here.

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