Ralls Police: Stray dog problem grows, multiple dog bites reported

Ralls Police: Stray dog problem grows, multiple dog bites reported
Residents and officials with the City of Ralls have noticed an uptick in stray dogs around the area. (Source: KCBD Video)

RALLS, TX (KCBD) - Problems with stray dogs have risen to a somewhat alarming level in Ralls as more incidents of dog bites and roaming packs have been reported.

Jack Abbott, the City of Ralls police chief, said since taking his post in February, stray dogs roaming around the city has become more common. The dogs are also starting to walk around in packs of two or three and three dog bites have been reported to authorities within the last week.

“All the dogs we have running around, I imagine we could probably fill up Lubbock’s shelter if we were to catch them all,” Abbott said. “We’re behind the 8 ball because if we catch them we don’t have a place to house them.”

As of now, there is a shelter expansion in the works but because of current protocol there is still an overflow within the current shelter, he said. When a dog bite is reported police find out if the dog is a pet or stray, then quarantine it for 10 days to check if it has rabies.

The dogs are not just a problem in one area but rather throughout the entire city, which is why Abbott encourages Ralls citizens to register pets and make sure they have the appropriate shots, tags and vaccines.

“My plan is to let them provide me with what they perceive as a problem for a while – then I want to have town meeting so we can discuss what we need to go forward," Abbott said, "because it is becoming a problem.”

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