“420 Jim” stops in Lubbock to raise awareness about cannabis

“420Jim” stops in Lubbock to raise awareness about cannabis

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - One man is touring the country, raising awareness about cannabis and encouraging people to sign his petition.

Jim Stevens has been on the road for almost 5 years and has toured 30 states.

He’s known as ’420 Jim' and says it’s all about education. “I started the journey back on March 1, 2014.”

He’s even had a movie made about his travels “'One Man’s Journey,' which is the name of the movie that is going to be out next year about me and my travels and the people I’ve met.”

He wants people to know he’s not here to cause trouble, but to spread awareness. "Let people know I have a federal petition. Anyone can sign online. Click on the button three simple questions. Trump and the White House say they want to know America’s opinion so what better way to let them know.”

CLICK HERE to read the petition.

Jim says he’ll be in Lubbock through Thursday before heading to Abilene.

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