TTU looking to build muscle in postmenopausal women

Healthwise: Dr. Leslie Shen

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - We know vitamin E can help your eyes, blood, brain and the skin. Vitamin E is also the focus of 2 major new studies at the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center.

Dr. Leslie Shen is leading the research on a type of vitamin E made from the seeds of annatto, a tropical fruit.

The product already has a name, Delta Gold, and at least in animal studies, the results look promising in improving muscle strength and curbing obesity among the aging.

Now, Texas Tech is looking for volunteers to see if this supplement can bring the same results in people. For testing purposes, only some will get the supplement. Others will get a placebo. But Dr. Shen says everyone in the study will benefit. “The benefit is we will provide free blood screening for liver function, kidney function, and thyroid function.”

Dr. Shen adds that this will be a 6 month study and afterward, you will be reimbursed for any transportation costs in getting to Texas Tech.

Specifically, she says in one study, they are looking for any age postmenopausal woman with a BMI of greater than 30.

In the other study, they are seeking postmenopausal women between the ages of 60 to 85 with low muscle strength.

Dr. Shen says the hope is that they will find that Delta Gold can improve muscle stength and reduce inflammation among our aging population.

She says this a project that could bring Texas Tech global attention since they hope to share the results of this study internationally to help other countries facing the same issues.

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