PLAY BY PLAY: Texas wins against Tech, 41-34

PLAY BY PLAY: Texas wins against Tech, 41-34
Texas Tech vs. UT (Source: Devin Ward)

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Texas Tech was able to score quickly in the first half, but other than that it seemed an uneventful back-and-forth game with little highlights from both teams. But things quickly sped up before the end of the half.

Tech is coming into this game after loss to Oklahoma last week while the Texas Longhorns are ranked No. 15 in the nation. Quarterback Alan Bowman has returned to the team after an injury last week, but is not expected to start over Jett Duffey.

Tech started the game with the first points after a successful touchdown pass from Duffey to T.J. Vasher bringing to the score to 7-0 with more than 10 minutes left in the quarter.

It was an unproductive first quarter as both teams played the ball back-and-forth.

Early in the second quarter the Longhorns, with possession of the ball, were forced to kick a field goal. The 52-yard kick was successful and brought the Longhorn’s score up to 3.

With three minutes left in the half Texas was able to complete a touchdown pass, it’s first of the game bringing the score to 9-7. A flag on the field was thrown with both a roughing the passer penalty and a targeting call on Tech’s Rico Jeffers.

With more than a minute left in the half Texas was once again able to make it to the end zone, bringing the score up to 17-7 before the half. But with little options left, Tech tried to make it down the field as quickly as they could. Unsuccessful, the Red Raiders had to bring in Clayton Hatfield for a successful 40-yard field goal.

The second half started in Texas' favor as the team was able to make its way down the field and throw in a touchdown, bringing the Longhorns to 24 to Tech’s 10.

Tech was able to make it back to the end zone early in the third quarter with a touchdown pass to Antoine Wesley for 58 yards. Almost 14 minutes were left in the half and Tech had 17 points.

Ten minutes were left in the half when Texas was able to pass in another touchdown to get them to 34. Duffey was again able to throw in another one to Vasher to give Tech 27, while Texas stayed the same, with about five minutes left in the half.

But with a win on the line, Duffey had the opportunity for a pass to Wesley, which was completed. A good extra-point kick tied up the game and there was no clear winner with 1:45 left in the game.

So with 20 seconds left in the game Texas was able to seal a win after a Hail Mary pass to give the team 41 to Tech’s 34.

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