Consider This: Buy local this Christmas shopping season

Consider This: Buy local this Christmas shopping season

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - It’s the Christmas shopping season and there’s no commentary I feel more passionately about than “buy local.”

Local merchants are critical to our community.

Many of us found our first job at a local retail establishment and learned about customer service and hard work in the employment of someone we knew.

We support our local merchants because they are our neighbors; the same people who build and support our community.

Local charities couldn’t operate without the support of local merchants. You won’t see Amazon sponsoring causes like U Can Share, that feed people right here on the South Plains.

Local business is good business because the money, the profits, the taxes and the goodwill all stay right here at home.

Consider this … plan to do as much of your Christmas shopping with local businesses as you can.

Buy local, because money spent at home stays at home.

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