Red Raiders want to win for Coach Kingsbury

Red Raiders want to win for Coach Kingsbury
Tech Coach Kliff Kingsbury gives the Guns Up after a win against Texas on Nov. 24

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) -When the 5-6 Red Raiders face 5-6 Baylor at 11:00 a.m. Saturday at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, the winner will be bowl eligible and get extra practices and an extra game with the Seniors. The loser will have their season come to an end.

Another factor for the Red Raiders, being in a 4 game losing skid means Coach Kliff Kingsbury’s job could be on the line. Maybe a win and getting bowl eligible can help squash that talk.

Wide receiver T.J. Vasher says it’s extra incentive to do good to help Coach Kingsbury. “It feels like we are always in that predicament. We love him. We play our hearts out for him. Hopefully things go right and we don’t have to think about or talk about something like that.”

When asked if there is pressure on the team to win for Kliff, Wide receiver Ja’Deion High said “I think it’s more pressure on all of us. Not necessarily him. He’s put us in situations to be successful. We just haven’t gone out there and played to our full potential.”

Rico Jeffers agreed that the team will be playing for Kliff and the coaching staff. “Yeah, we definitely, for sure, we love them. They put so much into us, so we definitely want to show them that we care and that we will fight for them.”

Kliff Kingsbury has seen his players come to his defense when the teams struggles. They say they should get the blame, not their coach. However at his news conference Monday, Kliff said he understands all fingers being pointed at him. “Yeah, I’m the head coach. That’s how I was raised, and my dad was a head coach, and it’s my name on the program. It’s my program. So I always feel like I can do better, and I can put these guys in better positions to be successful. If they’re not, it’s my job to find a way to make sure the next time around that they get it done.”

The Red Raiders will look to get it done for Coach Kingsbury and the Seniors so they can play another day in a bowl game.

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