Forever Pets

Giving animals a chance to find a new home, with South Plains Vet and Lubbock Animal Services

Forever Pets
KCBD Forever Pets - November


KCBD Forever Pets - November 2018

Pet overpopulation across the country is a serious problem.

According to the Humane Society, about 2.4 million healthy, adoptable cats and dogs are put down in U.S. animal shelters annually. This is about one pet every 13 seconds.

In Lubbock, a thriving and growing city, the problem of pet overpopulation is also growing. Lubbock Animal Services is the largest shelter on the South Plains and is charged with caring and trying to find homes for more than 15,000 animals in Lubbock annually.

Forever Pets, a joint effort from KCBD NewsChannel 11, South Plains Veterinary Clinic, and Lubbock Animal Services, aims to feature shelter pets each month, increase animal adoption rates in Lubbock, and provide routine veterinary care for pets.

Every month, we will feature a pet that is up for adoption from Lubbock Animal Services. The individual or family who adopts it will receive a voucher for one year of routine veterinary shots at the South Plains Veterinary Clinic. Check back here each month to see the featured pet, and follow KCBD on Facebook where we will go live from the Lubbock Animal shelter to answer your questions about adoptable animals.

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