Lubbock Woman shares her story on surviving Alaskan earthquakes

Lubbock native talks about her experience in Anchorage earthquake

ANCHORAGE, AK (KCBD) - Homes and businesses are damaged and roads have collapsed in Anchorage after an powerful earthquake shook the region.

Lubbock native Jamie Cunningham has lived in Alaska for the past 13 years, and experienced the quake that she says was different. She says this is the scariest series of earthquakes she has ever encountered including the 53 aftershocks they’ve gotten after it.

Jamie Cunningham and her husband
Jamie Cunningham and her husband (Source: Jamie Cunningham, KCBD)
Alaskan roads
Alaskan roads (Source: Franchesca Pelroy, KCBD)

“As I was walking over to turn the coffee maker on, the floor started to shake and so I started to run out my back door and I ran outside,” said Cunningham.

Cunningham says dozens of earthquakes happen in Alaska every day, some you don’t even feel, but this was different. “The highways have huge cracks they’re caved in people are not able to get home."

This including her husband who was on his way to work when the earthquakes started. “He started calling me when it was still shaking.”

He made it to work, but coming back was the issue since the highway to get to their town was torn up and collapsed.

For now, all she can do is wait. “Its just very scary. I’m just scared,” said Cunningham.

Cunningham gave KCBD an update on her husband Friday night. She says he was able to finally make it home after a grueling 4 hour trip. It usually takes him 40 minutes.

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