Chalk messages spreading hope throughout Lubbock

Chalk messages spreading hope throughout Lubbock
Encouraging chalk messages throughout Lubbock (Source: KCBD)

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Words of kindness and love are being spread throughout Lubbock, one piece of chalk at a time.

The messages first appeared on Friday morning at a gas station on 82nd and University. Phrases like “you are loved” and “you are enough” were written next to the pumps.

Chalk messages at local gas station
Chalk messages at local gas station (Source: KCBD)

Pieces of chalk were also left behind to encourage others to create similar messages.

Local resident Tori Wampler says when she looked down and saw the message, it immediately gave her hope.

“I’ve been going through a lot of financial issues and I was having a really bad day. I just felt like God had put it on my heart to write a message that I needed to hear. So I went to the other side, to another gas pump, and I wrote you are enough,” Wampler said.

Wampler didn’t stop there. On Saturday, she held an event called Chalk It Up, where people came together at Dupree Park to write encouraging messages for others.

Jamela Overton attended the event with her children and says she quickly became friends with Wampler.

“She’s helping a lot of people by being able to tell them that they’re more than enough. There’s nothing wrong with anybody’s life, I mean there is, but you can always get back on the right track,” Overton said.

Now, Wampler just hopes that these messages can give others the same hope and love that they gave her.

“Being in that place, on that day, at that moment, I was not okay. And so I want these messages to do what they did for me. I mean even if it saves a life, just one, that would be great,” Wampler said.

A Facebook page called “Spread Chalk Love” has been created to encourage others to get involved.

Chalk messages spreading hope throughout Lubbock

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