Acuff community comes together for change at deadly intersection

Acuff community comes together for change at deadly intersection

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Members of the Acuff community rallied for change at the intersection of Farm Road 40 and Highway 400 on Tuesday, after a deadly wreck claimed the life of a local man over the weekend.

59-year-old Cary Lynn Stennett of Acuff was killed on Sunday night at in a two-vehicle crash along East FM 40 at FM 400.

There have been sixteen accidents at the FM 40 and 400 intersection in the last eight years. Four of those accidents have been fatal.

Jimmy Clark, a farmer in the Acuff area, was at the intersection on Tuesday afternoon as agents from the Texas Department of Transportation surveyed the site.

Clark said members of the Acuff community wanted to be present to ensure that the necessary changes would be made.

“After the accident this last Sunday we felt that it was almost imperative that we get something done, because I know that the EMS folks are getting tired of pulling their friends and family out of these vehicles. We feel like maybe a four way stop here would help,” Clark said.

Russ Perkins, Fire Chief and EMS Director for the City of Idalou, was also there on Tuesday. Perkins responded to the fatal accident on Sunday night and says he has been seeing accidents at this intersection for the last 32 years.

“You know you just continue to wonder how much longer will we have to continue to do this. There’s not a corner of that intersection or one of those light poles where we have not put a white sheet over somebody,” Perkins said.

But now the local community is hopeful that Sunday’s accident could be one of the last.

TxDot announced on Tuesday that changes will be made to create a 4-way stop at the intersection of FM 40 and highway 400. Additional stop signs, rumble strips, and warning lights will all be added to the intersection.

Gary Stennett, the brother of Cary Stennett, and his sister Cathy Stennett-Jackson hope that these changes will prevent another family from losing a loved one.

“What’s done is done and life goes on but now we’re just left here to pick up the pieces and we know the community will be here to help us put it all together,” Gary Stennett said.

Construction at the intersection of FM 40 and Highway 400 is expected to be underway in the next 60 to 90 days.

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