TCEQ water laws require you to inspect back flow preventers

TCEQ water laws require you to inspect back flow preventers

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - For those with a sprinkler system, water well, swimming pool or other personal water systems in a home, a letter has probably been sent in the mail telling you to make sure to inspect back flow preventers.

It is a requirement from the State of Texas that was put into effect three years ago. Everyone with a personal water system needs one of these back flow preventers and they must be inspected every three years.

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“There’s been some questions regarding the letters going out not only in the city of Lubbock, but in Wolfforth regarding inspection of back flow preventers,” Wood Franklin, City of Lubbock director of Public Works, said.

Those with a pool, sprinkler system, or any other personal water system connected to a city’s water source will more than likely have a back flow preventer.

“Really its basically there to protect the public water system,” said Franklin.

The back flow preventer works as a barrier between the city’s water and water, for example, used to water your lawn because you wouldn’t want that lawn water to end up in your drinking glass.

“That double check is there to prevent a negative pressure and to keep it from going back in so, if someone has chemicals in their yard or if they have some other type of connection like a garden hose or something such as that, it would keep those chemicals from going back in the drinking water,” Darrell Newsom, Wolfforth City Manager, said.

The back flow preventers need to be inspected every three years to make sure they are still up to date. That’s the reason why you might have received a letter from your city in the mail to get yours inspected.

(Source: texas commission on environmental quality, kcbd)

If you are in Lubbock and have any questions on your back flow preventer, call 3-1-1. If you live in another city, you are encouraged to call your municipality.

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