Missing falcon found along Marsha Sharp Freeway

Falcon missing in Lubbock

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Friday afternoon the Rabourns announced their falcon was found at the CenterPointe Events Center along the Marsha Sharp Freeway. Greg Rabourn says they were notified the bird was there, and that once they arrived he called the bird’s name. The bird flew down to Greg, who is glad to have been reunited with his prized falcon.


The North American Falconers Association is holding their annual field meet in Lubbock this year, and now one couple is on the hunt for their bird.

Wednesday evening Greg and Becky Rabourn, a couple from New Mexico, were in Lubbock for the falconry meet when they discovered that their gyrfalcon had gotten loose.

Known as the largest falcon in the world, gyrfalcons are an arctic bird, and a protected species in the United States and Canada, as well as parts of Europe.

Prized for their beauty and hunting ability, these large birds can reach maximum speeds of 130 MPH and are seen as exotic symbols around the world, and are often very expensive.

Rabourn says their bird is tame, but they are especially concerned because she has a leash around her legs, and that she could die if the leash were to get caught.

The bird was last seen near the Walmart along Avenue Q at Glenna Goodacre, near the MGM Elegante hotel, where the field meet is being held.

If you recognize or know anything about this missing bird, you are urged to contact the Rabourns at (505) 377-5842

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