Students left wondering how to continue education after Virginia College closes all campuses

Local Virginia College student wondering what's next

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - On Wednesday, the Education Corporation of America announced that they would be closing more than 70 Virginia College locations.

James Michel, the President of Virginia College, said that around 8:30 on Wednesday morning he learned the Lubbock campus would be closed by Friday.

An announcement was then made to students and staff during morning classes.

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Porsha Gonzales, a student at Virginia College in Lubbock, says she found out through a group message with other students.

“Right now I’m just having mixed emotions, I mean because we just got the news. My phone, my Facebook, was going off because several of my classmates had made a group chat and we’re talking about it. Like I said, it’s just mixed emotions because we don’t know what we’re gonna turn to now,” Gonzales said.

Approximately 20,000 students attend Virginia College’s across the nation. All of those students have been left scrambling to find a way to finish their education programs.

One of those students is Angela Hudson, who is six months into her Medical Assistance Program at Virginia College, and says she is just devastated.

"You put in that much work and then all of a sudden it’s literally gone and nobody has any answers. Nobody can give us any direction. It’s just basically you are left to either find your own way out of it or restart all of this all over again,” Hudson said.

Living outside of Lubbock, Hudson says she’s almost out of options. She would drive a total of 140 miles round trip just to attend class at Virginia College. That distance was one of many obstacles she overcame to pursue her education.

"Already this year it’s been a very, very rough year. I lost my boyfriend last December, two months before Harper was born, and now I’m having to parent on my own. And then this one thing, you know I needed a career and it failed, so I just feel like I’m at a loss. I don’t know where to turn now,” Hudson said.

For now, like many other students, Hudson is figuring out a Plan B. In the meantime she says she’s not going to dwell on what she has lost, but instead focus on all that she has learned during her six months enrolled at Virginia College.

“Something that can’t ever be taken from me is my knowledge, so that’s one thing I’ll carry with me the rest of my life,” Hudson said.

Virginia College in Lubbock will officially close their doors on Friday morning. Students can begin applying to other institutions once grades are finalized and they receive their official transcript.

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